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Pressure transmitters continue to increase the technology market revenues continue to increase

With the development of industrial automation, various industries have gradually moved toward informationization and intelligence. Driven by the market, pressure transmitters continue to develop new technologies and continue to expand the market. With the development of the domestic economy, the development of the pressure transmitter market faces enormous opportunities and challenges. In terms of market competition, the number of pressure transmitter enterprises is increasing, and the market is facing the asymmetry of supply and demand. The pressure transmitter industry There is a strong demand for further reshuffle, but there is still a large room for development in some pressure transmitter segments, and information technology will become a core competitiveness.

According to the research report, by 2020, the global pressure transmitter market revenue is expected to reach 3.77 billion US dollars (about 24.8 billion yuan), a compound growth rate of 5.0%. As industrial production processes become more automated, the need to optimize resources, reduce costs, and increase safety is driving this market. Pressure transmitters will increase their applications in industries such as power, chemicals, water and wastewater, and pharmaceuticals. In terms of categories, the multivariable transmitter market is the fastest growing. Although this device is costly, it can measure multiple parameters and reduce the measurement cost of the entire process, thus helping the company to save a lot of potential costs.

In terms of regions, North America occupied the largest share of the global pressure transmitter market in 2014, but due to the expansion of energy capacity in the Asia-Pacific region and the launch of new projects, industrial automation and production are needed to maintain optimal costs. During the year, the Asia Pacific region will become the fastest growing pressure transmitter market. Throughout the domestic market, the transmitter industry has a wide range of development space. According to relevant experts, the future of the intelligent pressure transmitter industry market is mainly in the power industry, petrochemical, fertilizer, environmental protection and urban construction industries. They assert that whoever has good technology, who has excellent quality, who can continue to develop new products, who can seize the opportunity in the fierce market competition, stand out.

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